Plant service

“Only book what you really need.”

Benjamin Kanning, Head of Service

You can count on our service specialists to keep your systems and assemblies available and producing reliably with maintenance work tailored specifically to your needs. From the inspection of your system to precise scheduling and cost planning, on-time supply of wear and spare parts, to the execution of the service call – we leave nothing to chance. Of course, our expert commissioning engineers also oversee the restart of the system after maintenance work – on site or via remote maintenance.

Albert Frey systems have to meet all kinds of performance requirements. Through our Albert Frey inspection, precisely tailored to your systems, assemblies and requirements, we guarantee you the highest possible system availability – with a particular focus on the technological processes. You decide on the time and scope of the recurring, preventive maintenance, carried out by our proven Albert Frey service technicians.

Service philosophy

Albert Frey Service offers support in the creation of service and maintenance concepts. Our philosophy is that service means much more than just repair and maintenance. Service contracts are an integral part of a preventive maintenance concept, which already starts during engineering or project management. Our customers can draw on our wealth of experience and count on a reliable partner. Our fitters are specially trained and have the necessary tools and expertise.

We’re there for you from commissioning to production measures and after-sales service. Once you’ve accepted the plant, we don’t step away; we work with you to focus on permanently maximised system availability. Regular preventive inspection and maintenance help you avoid costly repairs and plant downtimes. We provide service and maintenance for all essential system components, from valves to cylinders to pumps. Using state-of-the-art sensor technology, we identify possible malfunction sources to allow appropriate measures to be taken.

What you stand to gain:

  • Plant manufacture, inspection and maintenance from a single source
  • Comprehensive and competent advice on service and maintenance
  • Superb operational reliability thanks to preventive maintenance of plant components that come into contact with products and media
  • Avoidance of downtime and maximisation of plant availability with prompt necessary repairs
  • Minimal technological risk in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Calculable maintenance costs and reduction of total cost of ownership
  • Individual adaptation to your needs

Plant optimisation

Albert Frey is at your side from the start of production to optimisation after several years of operation. Together with you, we strive to secure and increase the efficiency and productivity of your plant, to minimise running costs and maximise the service life of the plant, and to ensure long-term safety in compliance with legal requirements.

In the course of constant technical and technological developments, new quality requirements, changed legal regulations on plant safety and environmental protection, or the introduction of new products, it’s always advisable or even necessary to adapt to the latest state of the art.

Take advantage of our expertise when you’re modernising your hardware and software. With new components and control systems as well as process adaptations, your plant will always be state of the art.

Service contracts

We offer service contracts that fit our customers’ needs. In this case, an Albert Frey service technician will prepare the appropriate service concept with you on site, make recommendations about wear and spare parts requirements and, if necessary, assist your service team during the overhaul of the system. What’s more, the service contract always includes our reliable telephone support and remote maintenance service with the shortest possible response time by technical experts.

We also take over the service planning and coordination of all our suppliers’ systems and assemblies on request. Our detailed wear and spare parts proposal including quotation will keep your costs plannable and under control at all times.

Possible scope of services:

  • Annual inspection
  • Preparation of inspection report, maintenance planning and determination of wear and spare parts requirements in consultation with you, including all suppliers
  • Preparation of quotations for full cost planning
  • Supervision or execution of the inspection by Albert Frey plant technicians
  • Commissioning by Albert Frey software specialists after the system overhaul
  • Remote maintenance and telephone service by Albert Frey technicians during normal business hours
  • Contract duration of up to 5 years