“Even the best plan is no good if it’s not thought through to the end.”

Dr Josef Kain, Director of Process Technology

The practical advice for your production and management. If there’s a problem, we’ll solve it.

We also optimise existing systems – both in process engineering and control software.

Process control

Our extensive field of activity, our commitment to staying close to our customers and our expertise are prerequisites for objective operational controls and root cause analysis in your company.

Our employees can detect and rectify process malfunctions early on. Only consistent plant and process control can ensure that almost constant operating conditions are maintained.

Our operational controls include:

  • Checking existing operating and process structures
  • Targeted investigation of the causes of all kinds of problems
  • Filtration controls with regard to quality (turbidity, oxygen pick-up, etc.) and efficiency (consumption values, process sequences, etc.)
  • Microbiological step controls in the beverage and food sector
  • Assisting in the reorganisation of internal workflows
  • Ensuring optimal operating and process sequences
  • Analysing weak points

Laboratory analytics

It’s the guilty conscience of every brewery and mineral water company, but without a reference, analysis is usually inconclusive. We’re happy to support you in this.

The control of products and processes is just as important as a smooth process flow, which is why we always focus on microbiological and chemical-technical control alongside process control.

Our laboratory analyses include:

  • Microbiological step controls
  • Turbidity-based shelf life tests of beers
  • Development of top & bottom fermented non-alcoholic beers

Energy concepts

Our energy concepts save you money. Depending on the plant, the savings volume can quickly reach ten percent, or even 70 to 80 percent for individual processes. Electricity costs for pumps are a significant cost factor. With our own pumps as well as process pumps of all kinds, we’re in the best possible position here and install the right pump in the right place.

Behind the pumps lies the entire system – our planning is always optimised in terms of energy, whether for a new system or for modernisation. Our energy experts take a holistic approach: Not only do we optimise your system, we also take into account adjacent processes and look at the bigger picture, whether it’s through targeted energy recovery processes from product or wastewater flows or modifications/optimisations in secondary flows.

External project support

You have a project – we implement it.

We assist your project from the start, through planning and implementation, to commissioning and acceptance.

With more than 100 years of experience, we leave nothing to chance.

Our project support includes:

  • Preparation of the tender
  • Conducting technical clarification talks with suppliers
  • Comparing offers
  • Supporting your decision making
  • We coordinate your project during implementation
  • Assist you with the commissioning
  • We supervise the acceptance of your project

Implementation of new project ideas

You have an idea – we implement it.

We work with you to develop the technology and the appropriate process engineering to implement your product ideas or wishes. Whether it’s a new plant, modifying an existing plant or implementing parts of an existing plant, we plan and engineer the project with you from start to finish.