Process plants

“We’ve been combining tradition and innovation for over 115 years.”

Dr Josef Kain, Director of Process Technology

When it comes to system planning, nothing at Albert Frey is off the shelf. We tailor each system to the individual customer even from the planning stage.

During the realisation phase, Albert Frey relies on a continuous exchange of information. You’re always in the picture as to how we implement your specifications and wishes. The experience of our own brewmasters in operation helps us to develop innovative concepts that prove their worth in practice – from the first day of commissioning and for years to come.

We don’t just offer our systems and solutions to the brewing and beverage industry, but also to food and pharmaceutical companies – all with the proverbial quality and perfection of Albert Frey. It doesn’t matter whether we’re designing a new plant for you or modernising an existing system.

CIP system

Perfection for all cleaning tasks: CIP systems from ALBERT FREY guarantee the safe and automatic control of cleaning sequences for a wide range of processes. Our scalable systems are individually adapted to your tasks. The system can be expanded at a later date, so it grows with your requirements. If you already have a CIP system in operation: We modify and optimise existing systems and cleaning processes, bringing them up to the state of the art.

By suitably adapting the number of tanks, pump design and control, the range of applications of our CIP systems extends from tank cleaning via spray head or target jet cleaners, pipe cleaning to the cleaning of complex systems with contact exchange.

Wort aeration

The yeast needs air!

We ensure perfect air distribution in the wort with our special two-substance nozzle. The control can be manual or automatic, depending on your wishes and requirements for flexible aeration quantities.

Yeast cultivation

Yeast cultivation

Perfect yeast management is one of the most important prerequisites for quality assurance in the brewing industry. Our systems have been developed to master the complex requirements such as varying beer demand, low storage capacities and microbiological safety. Here, too, we cater entirely to your needs and develop innovative and individual solutions.
By the way: we also modify existing systems with our technology.

Features of our yeast propagation systems:

  • Modular design
  • Tanks without internals (content measurement via load cell)
  • Aeration of the yeast via aeration nozzle
  • One pump for four operations. Optimally dimensioned with reversible rotation direction for wort filling, yeast dosing, transferring the suspension via nozzle and cleaning (CIP)
  • Temperature-controlled tank cooling

Distiller technology

We automate the distillery!

Even in distillery process technology, we believe in a complete solution

We engineer and build distilleries from the tank reception to the fermentation process (incl. yeast management) to the distillation process, and we do it sustainably: Using heat recovery from the stillage, the incoming mash can be preheated to almost distillation temperature, without using primary energy.

Tank farm

From water to the finished beverage, we store it all.

The tank farm is individually designed according to tank sizes, number of tanks, tank design, connection and integration (depending on the degree of automation from the classic hose to a pipe fence or panel solution to the valve node). The connection to CIP and gas is also designed according to requirements.


A complete solution is important.

We implement filtration systems of all kinds in an overall concept from the blending trestle to the filtrate buffer tank. Post-treatment from the trap or polishing filter to the flash pasteuriser is also possible. An intelligent control system enables reproducible and flexible filtration.

Eisbäär freezing unit

You can’t get more individuality than that: the “Eisbäär” not only concentrates the alcohol, but also the aroma.

By selectively freezing out water, you can create your own varieties with individual alcohol contents and aroma levels from mother beers: The Eisbock in different versions.

Thanks to our patented process, a wide variety of products can be produced with the help of our “Eisbäär” freezing unit. A cold reactor freezes out the water content of the products and separates it from the liquid content via an ice tank. It can do this either in batches or in a continuous process, depending on the requirements.

Features of our “Eisbäär” freezing unit:

  • Modular design
  • Degree of automation adapted to requirements (semi-automatic to fully automatic)
  • Optimum ratio between freezing capacity and product input
  • Energy recovery within the plant

Mixing plant

The production of mixed drinks is gaining more and more importance.

We design plants for the production of water cuvees (volume-proportional blending of well lines) or the inline blending of product streams together with water, sugar, basic ingredients, essences, aromas or coloured beer; the controls can be carried out according to requirements via volume flow, extract, original wort, alcohol content, colour or another reference variable. The individual ingredients come from source lines, tanks, basic material tanks (also for viscous substances), IBC containers, barrels or canisters.

Finishing via CO2 and degassed water can be implemented at any time via a carboblender.

Flash pasteurisation system

Our flash pasteurisation systems guarantee a reliable shelf life of your product. The system can be individually adapted to your requirements. Our flash pasteurisation systems are available in the operating modes tank-to-tank, inline with the filtration line, before filling with a buffer tank or after a centrifuge with a buffer tank in between.

The system is operated via intuitive control software. This software allows all parameters such as flow rate, saturation pressure, pasteurisation temperature or PE units to be displayed on the user interface and easily programmed.

Filling technology

On request we offer:

  • Filling of disposable and special containers
  • Can filler / bottle filler / keg system with non-returnable containers
  • Fully automatic dust cap removal
  • Fully automatic seaming of large cans

Water treatment

Drinking and brewing water is becoming increasingly scarce these days. Using treatment technologies, process water that meets drinking water standards can be produced from brewery waste water. Membrane filtration achieves purity up to fully demineralised water. This water can be used for various processes within the brewery, such as cleaning processes, cooling water, boiler feed water and much more. Here, we place great emphasis on energy efficiency, separation from other waters such as brewing water and trouble-free operation.

Significant savings in primary water have already been achieved in completed projects.

AfG process plant

When it comes to system planning, nothing at Albert Frey is off the shelf. We tailor each system to the individual customer right from the planning stage.

The demand for low-alcohol and alcohol-free beverages is growing. Albert Frey has solutions for individual plant technology for the production of special fermentations, cold contact processes, stopped fermentations and various combinations of these.