“We prefer giving our employees wings instead of setting limits.”

Alexandra Gotzler, Human Resources

It’s a guarantee for innovation and creativity: At ALBERT FREY, numerous employees have a stake in the company – with direct shares. The company concept goes far beyond success bonuses. ALBERT FREY is the sum of all employees who can implement their ideas and concepts in their own company.

New approaches to further training as well: At ALBERT FREY, every employee is given the opportunity to acquire an additional qualification by completing a second apprenticeship in a different field. We give every employee this latitude. Everyone in the ALBERT FREY team should be able to look beyond the horizons of their own department.

For example, there are programmers or electricians working in the company who’ve completed a brewing apprenticeship. There are also plant engineers who know a thing or two about software. At ALBERT FREY, no one has tunnel vision that ignores other departments.

Our slogan is: “We can train people in everything we sell”. Just like we’ve done with our product portfolio, we at ALBERT FREY also want to break new ground with our employees. We want to constantly enable ourselves to find innovative solutions for the tasks of the future.

We’ve never forced growth – we continually focus on healthy and solid company growth. For this reason, we don’t usually advertise vacancies. Nevertheless, we’re happy to receive speculative applications. What counts for us when we’re hiring new employees is that they make a good fit. For us, this also means waiting for good employees, or sometimes “finding” a position for someone who’s eager to work at ALBERT FREY.


Start your apprenticeship


  • Office management assistants
  • Industrial clerks
  • Warehouse logistics specialists / warehouse clerks
  • Industrial mechanics
  • Technical product designers
  • Electronics technicians for automation technology
  • IT specialists | specialising in application development
  • IT specialists | specialising in system integration
  • Mechatronics technicians
  • Brewers and maltsters
  • Distillers

Our junior staff is the future of the company.

Your “SECOND” apprenticeship to become a

  • Master brewer
  • Industrial foreman – metal
  • Industrial foreman – electrical
  • Technician
  • Management expert